supports for electrical lines


JSC “NORMETAS” (initial name “Manufactory of metal products) was built and started its activity at the beginning of 1988; it belonged to the Ministry of Municipal Economy and produced equipment of minor mechanization as well as other products for the purposes of ministry enterprises.
Upon closing of the Ministry of Municipal Economy the manufactory has been forwarded to the Ministry of Construction and Urbanistics. Nature of production has been partially changed. The manufactory has assimilated production of concrete and grout stirrers, of metal forms of ferro-concrete products, of aggregates of various construction units as well as production of the inventory being attached of various non-standard products.
Since October of 1993 the manufactory has been subject to privatization and became Public company “Algbarsa”. The company was involved in production of various products popular in that time market.
Since 1995 the company accessed a market of “Lithuanian Energy” and started production of 35-330 kV metal constructions of electricity air lines and substations for enterprises of electricity networks.
Production area of JSC NORMETAS comprises 7000 sq. m. Total area of the territory is 3,8 ha production premises have mounted 10t overhead cranes and various metal processing machines: shaping-machine, polisher, folder, turning lathe, pressure machines, welding semi-automates etc. Outdoor storehouses contain mounted overhead cranes.
The capacity of company is 5000 tones of various metal constructions.
During the year the company consumes over 2000 tones of various metals and produces various metal constructions.
Currently the major part of the production of the company is constructions of electricity air lines, transformer substations, metal constructions of electric distributions devices and 35-380 kV high voltage metal supports, various electric cabinets. Another part of the production is comprised of building constructions: metal trusses, columns, junctions, road fences, illumination poles, railing, module spatial bridges over railway crossings, built in sections metal modules and radio communication towers.